Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Access your Smart bro Canopy connected to a router

Here's a simple tutorial how to setup your pc and router to access your smart bro canopy page.

Normally, if you want to access your smart bro canopy to change some settings or view the canopy status, you need to plug it directly on your pc which will take you to smart bro portal to validate your account and likewise activate it. The same goes when you put it back again to your router, you need to do the steps again.

So, how can we access our canopy page while connected on our router without the need to do those things again and again? Here's how, just follow these steps.

FIRST : We need to configure the "Routing Table" on our PC.
  1. Open an Elevated command prompt - An elevated command prompt is a command prompt with administrative privilege. To do this,
  • Type "cmd" (without the quotes) in your search box then press ctrl + shift then Enter. UAC (User Account Control) will prompt you if you have it, then just select Yes. The command prompt will open in C:\windows\system32> verifying that your are running in elevated privilege. 
  • Go to Start menu > all programs > accessories > then right click the command prompt and select "Run as Administrator". Again UAC will prompt you if it's enabled then simple select Yes. 

     2. Type ”route –p add mask the quotes)

      This will create an entry on your routing table for your canopy. This is a persistent entry so you will only            do this once.

*Please take note of the following..

  • - is for the default ip of your canopy
  • - is the subnet
  • - is the Gateway for your router. In my case it's and for Dlink routers the default is

Now test if the configuration is already working :

Type “ping” in the command prompt then press ENTER.

If you were able to receive data then the configuration is working and you can now access your canopy by typing the ip on your address bar.

If you get "Destination host unreachable" it means we have to proceed with configuring your router.

NEXT : Configuring routing table on your router.

To do this, your router should have an "advanced routing" option.

If your router supports it, then go to your router page then input these settings on the advanced routing page.

Select set number : 1
Route Name : Canopy
Metric : 0
Destination LAN NET :
Subnet Mask  :
Gateway :
Interface : WAN

Reboot your pc and router if needed.

Then test it again by typing “ping” in the command prompt then press ENTER.

*Note : ip addresses differ so please make the necessary adjustment as to what gateway and ip you are currently using.*

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